Kids Chinks, Armitas & Chaps


Kids chinks, Armitas & chaps

We can build for your kids too!

simple to sensational!

We have made chinks from the simplest design for hard working little cowboys and cowgirls, to full floral chaps for little cowboys mutton busting and riding mini bareback.

Design OPtions

All the options we offer for an adult pair, we can add to a child's pair. That includes styles, colors and tooling options. We are also able to add any brand or initials to children's pairs as well.

Let your child build their design

We take your kids ideas and make them happen. We have many color options for your child to pick from, as well as hundred of options to add to the chinks, such as feathers, hearts, card suits, skulls, horses, flowers and even pistols and bullets! We can also recreate any logo on legs to represent sponsors.

Worried about your Kid growing too fast?

Any product you purchase for your children, we can exchange when your child outgrows. Once they outgrow their first pair, you can bring them back to us for a partial refund/exchange, depending on condition, for a larger pair.  We accept all exchanges until your child is big enough to wear an adult size pair. 

common Courtesy

Once we receive measurements for  a pair of chinks, chaps or armitas, we usually add two inches so your child won't outgrow them too fast.