About Us

Brett, Makayla, Lainey & Landrey Buchanan

    We are a ranching family living outside the town of Eureka, Nevada, with our two beautiful daughters. We have several horses, a bunch of pretty good dogs, and a small herd of crossbred beef cattle. We were both raised in the ranching lifestyle and have strong ties to faith and family. 

    Brett started tooling leather while attending Blue Mountain in Pendleton, Oregon. Makayla is still learning techniques, and together we are working to get Empire Leather Company's name and products out there for people to see and use.  If you can imagine it, we'll do our best to make your dream a reality. 

    We order most of our leather from The Hide & Leather House in California. We love the quality of material we receive from them.  They also provide a wide range of colors and thickness in the leather, which we take into consideration, depending on the product we are creating.